Thursday, March 1, 2018

Linen Closet (aka the black hole) Organization Ideas

Ideas to Organize Your Linen Closet by CreativeSteph13
Linen "aka the black hole" Closet
Most of us have a black hole for a linen closet - things go in and are sucked into a vast wasteland rarely to be seen again. This project has been on my organization list for 100 years (well 3 at least). It's so much easier to ignore a project when you can shut away the insanity behind a door.

We all get enticed by beautifully displayed linens in stores - how do they get all those towels stacked up perfectly? (well no one actually uses them that's how). And don't get me started on EVEN trying to fold a fitted sheet - no way, no how. My favorite trick now is putting an entire sheet set inside one pillow case. That way everything is in one place - you don't have to pull down an entire set of not-so-neatly stacked linens in search of a set. Bed Bath & Beyond - this is not.

So, what can we do to get our linen closets into some semblance of order?

As with any organization project, you first need to empty the space - basically moving the big mess that's behind a closed door into an even bigger mess on the floor.

This is when you have to be brutal - a take-no-prisoners, keep no extra sheets and towels and comforters and pillows and .....(even though they're so cute and you'll use them one day right?). DECIDE how many you ACTUALLY use and DETERMINE how many (if any) extras you want to keep on hand. I decided that if it didn't fit into my storage boxes, then donation time it went. Keep entire sets - odds and ends and stragglers go bye bye. 

Find boxes/baskets/bins that work in the closet (and in your budget). Buy these AFTER you've downsized. I've often found myself purchasing organizing supplies before I even knew what I needed. (Like we even need a reason to buy cute organizing bins)

(Optional) COVER THE BOX
I went with inexpensive banker's boxes - they fit tons. For each box, I wanted a pretty front (you can use contact paper, wallpaper, scrapbook paper, etc.)  I first covered the front of the boxes with white full-size labels for some extra strength.

I then chose a variety of scrapbook paper, cut them into strips and got out the mod podge to glue them onto the front in a random color pattern. Let them dry for a few hours.

You know I'm all about the cute labels, so I headed over to Canva to design and print up some box labels in a color that complimented the paper. Printed them on more of the white full-size labels (it was helpful to use the Avery TrueBlock Shipping labels as they cover everything underneath.)

Stick on the labels. Put everything back in the closet, take pictures to commemorate your success, invite the media (or at least a few friends to help you celebrate), threaten anyone and everyone that things had better go back in the labeled box or (insert a great punishment here). Feel inspired and start all over again (maybe after a Netflix binge).

Happy Organizing!  Love, Steph

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Live What Really Matters - Happy Memories of My Family Home Rules

The scariest word in my world right now is Alzheimer's. Three months ago I had my mom move in with me. Even though she lived less than a mile away, it was getting more and more apparent that she couldn't live on her own. And she was anxious and scared being by herself.

So in a matter of days, I got her moved into my place, packed up her stuff, had an estate sale and put her house on the market. (It's still a blur to me.) We've always loved being together so she's thrilled to live here. I feel so blessed that we actually "like" each other. But I see her slipping away little by little and it makes my heart hurt.

BUT it's also given me time to reflect and treasure the small moments of talking and laughing, looking at flowers, watching movies, baking, and planning our next Excellent Adventures. And to really look back and appreciate the home and life she created for us. Those "values/rules" we lived out in my childhood I see in the life we live today.

I started writing them down. And wrote some more. And this list was formed.

In Our Home
We Value Moments and Memories (instead of things & stuff)
We Laugh and Giggle
We Enjoy Simple Pleasures
We Say Thank You & Sorry & Love You
We Look for the Best in Each Day
We are Grateful
We Help One Another
We Practice Kindness
We Make Time to Do Nothing
We Marvel at Seasons, Flowers, Sunsets, Trees, Oceans, Stars & ...

Home Rules Laugh Giggle Practice Kindness by CreativeSteph13

Hope you can live out your own "rules" and create a life you cherish.
Love, Steph

Friday, December 29, 2017

Strength, Determination and Being Enough. Art for a New You in the New Year

She made broken look beautiful
and strong look invincible.
She walked with the Universe
on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings. 
Ariana Dancu

Here's to the Survivors. 
Strong in the midst of adversity. Digging in a little deeper when things get tough. 
Saying NO to drama and blaming others and "it's not fair". 
Instead... working harder, making the best of each situation, persevering and holding onto hope, helping others, letting go and moving forward.  

As I added each layer to this art piece, my goal was to encourage those who have had to "survive". 
Whether it be an illness, an incident, a diagnosis, a loss, or just ongoing struggles, 
you are stronger than you think and you are definitely ENOUGH. 
The world may try to tell you you're not, BUT YOU ARE!

As we reflect upon the end of this year and the beginning of next...
remember these words as you head into each day.

You are Strong
You are a Survivor
You are Determined
You can Let Go of the Past
You are Enough
You can Persevere
You can Change Your Thinking
You can Overcome Obstacles
You will Laugh
You will See the Good in Each Day
You will Hope

May your year be full of happiness, peace and laughter.
Love, Steph