Monday, August 28, 2017

Fun Kitchen Decor - Hanging Rod Project - Ikea Hack

Take an Ikea Fintorp (don't you just love their names) Towel Rack - turn it upside down and you have a quick change decorating method for your kitchen.

A couple towel racks, some brackets and hanging hooks. The hardest part was having to practically stand on my head to install the brackets underneath the cabinets. I wanted a longer hanging space so I connected two racks and added some hanging hooks to mix things up a bit.

Once everything is installed, you have a blank "canvas" to decorate for any season or holiday you want. I have a bunch of fun tea towels so I use this to display them. I'm also going to make some vintage wood signs to hang here. (added to the never-ending To Do List - everyone has one)


Mom bought me these cute Teapot tea towels.


July 4th

Have fun with this quick project you can do in an afternoon.
Love, Steph

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A To Do List Art Piece that will Make You Happier Every Day

I love To-Do Lists (like that surprises you). I've got lists for everything. There's something about those little check marks that make me feel like I've accomplished something (and that I actually have a little control over my hectic life). But even if you complete your list, it's only for a short time, and you'll only to have more items to complete later on.

So how about a To-Do List that makes you happier every day? 
I put together some of my favorites in a bright mixed media art piece. Focus on these each day and, you can have a life that's full of more joy, and more peace, and whole lot more happiness.

Encourage Someone 
(a compliment, a happy word, people love to be noticed)
Laugh A Lot 
(there's usually something funny - even in the not-so-funny moments)
Try Something New 
(keep learning, be bold, get out of your rut)
Say Thank You 
(such a lost art - if you don't express gratitude, you're expressing ingratitude)
Listen with Your Heart 
(not just your ears, look beneath the surface of the words) 
Enjoy the Little Things
(make a concerted effort to look for moments of joy)
Be Yourself 
(it's exhausting to keep a mask on - put it away and let the real you shine through)

To Do List by CreativeSteph13

Hope you accomplish everything on THIS TO-DO List.
Love, Steph

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Celebrate the 4th of July with 13+ Unique, Handcrafted and Patriotic Creations

I went looking for Handcrafted items for the 4th of July and look what I found. 
#shopsmall #supportsmallbusiness

Patriotic Pendant by Gracie Lou Designs

Ponytail Holder by Spool and Button
Patriotic Dog Collar by Wag More Dog Collars

July 4th Greeting Card by Dress Up Cat

Fireworks Art Prints by Jen Mini Design 

Independence Day Headband by The Ivory Willow Co

Table Runner by Albatis

Dog Bandana by Le Pets and Things

American Flag Sign by Color Me Shabby Oregon

Heart Wreath by Elegant Wreaths for You

Sea Glass Necklace by Lani Makana

Make up Bag by Warm Hearted Designs

Red White and Blue Earrings by Bags n Beads Oregon
Soldier Coasters by Kimms Home Decor
Fitness Headband by Greecie Girl Headbands

Flag Cookie Decorating Kit by Delectable Baked Goods

Stained Class Ribbon Suncatcher by Moms Glass House

Flip Flops by SugaBabies Designs

Shadowbox by Charming 2 a Tee