Wednesday, February 22, 2017

And they called it Puppy Love.... new art celebrating unconditional love.

If you grew up in a house full of dogs (at one point we had 9 puppies), you know what it's like to experience unconditional love. Someone who is always overjoyed to see you.

I know so many of us never met a dog we didn't love. My dad was one of those people - he always had a treat for the dogs in the neighborhood and no matter where we were, if he came upon a dog, there was always time to stop and share the love (and some scratching behind the ears.)

I created these four new art pieces for all my friends and family who adore their 4-Legged Family Members to help celebrate those Wagging Tails and Happy Jumps waiting for us each day.  Head over to my online shop and get yourself some love.


Hope there is someone overjoyed to see you today! 
Love, Steph

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Courage + Focus + Time = Better You

Friends, Family, Co-workers, Magazines, Social Media - doesn't everyone have some sort of expectation or opinion (subtle or not so subtle) on who we should be?
  • If we did this, said this, acted like this... then we'd be happy (or make someone else happy).
  • If we bought this, wore this, drove this... then we'd be content, powerful, sexy, important... (fill in the blank).

Too much of our world is designed to make us feel like we are not enough just the way we are.  Do you ever catch yourself comparing yourself to others, putting yourself down, or rehashing all your mistakes in your mind?

So often we are encouraged to fit a specific mold, go with the flow, be like everyone else, instead of delighting in our uniqueness, our foibles, our one-of-kind, break-the-mold, no-one-exactly-like-you personality. We can get so caught up in the "shoulds" or "if onlys" or "I wish I weres" instead of really seeking, acknowledging, accepting, and celebrating who we were designed to be. And that unique design is pretty darn terrific. 

This week, this month, this year - let's say no to expectations and say yes to what makes you special and remarkable.
  • Courage is Being Yourself in a World that expects you to be someone else.
  • Focus on WHO you are Becoming (instead of what you Were)
  • The Greatest Gift you can Give Someone is your Time.
  • You Make the World a Better Place just by Being in it. 

8x10 Art Panel Prints available in my online shop

Celebrating YOU!!!     Love, Steph