Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pumpkinpalooza - 13 Pumpkin Things

The first day of Fall has arrived so it's time for Pumpkinpalooza - all things PUMPKIN. 
These are some fun and creative ideas to add to your home decor for Fall and Halloween. 
All made by artisans from small online businesses. #shopsmall

Pumpkin Sign from Signs by Jen

 Wooden Pumpkin by Shine Box Primitives

 Felted Pumpkin by Wilde Thyme

Pumpkin Block Set by Deb Debs Crafts

 Pumpkin Pillow Cover by Pookie and Jack 

 Mini Pumpkin & Black Cat Quilt by Quilts on Woodlawn

Baby Pumpkin & Berries Wreath by The Pumpkin Ladies

Rusty Turkey Pumpkin Kit by Gemini Dragonfly

 Burlap Pumpkin Wreath by Boards & Burlap Decor

 Pumpkin Table Runner by Gingerbread Cottage CR

 Fabric Pumpkins by Details 2 Enjoy

 Mini Pumpkin Potpourri by Nanas Scentsations

 Felted Pumpkin Garland by Fuzz On Me

+ one more...

Pumpkin Tea Towel by Parris Chic Boutique

Head over to the CreativeSteph13 Shop for fun Halloween Prints from my original paintings.

Happy Pumpkinpalooza!
Love, Steph

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Do These Words Describe You? Would You Want Them To?



These are fun, made-up words, but wouldn't you like them to be true for you? 

Wouldn't you like to embrace your flaws (instead of focusing on them)
Wouldn't you like to be known for being so enthusiastic that people want to "catch" it from you?
Do these words describe someone in your life already?
What great characteristics to aspire to! 

 These aspirations translated into two fun art pieces to help remind us of WHO WE ARE (or can be).

 Have a Flawsome and Positagious Week!
Love, Steph

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Do You Feel Too Old to Dream?

Does it feel like dreaming and hoping about new things seems more difficult as we grow older?

Have we learned the hard way about being disappointed, being too tired, being too complacent, being too????

Does the fear of failure stop us from even trying?

Most of us have answered yes to these questions (even if it was only to ourselves).

BUT... as C.S. Lewis says, You are Never Too Old to Set Another Goal or Dream a New Dream! 

Change is hard, but can also be soooo rewarding.

Let yourself think back to a time when your future was an empty canvas just waiting to be painted any color you wanted (before life and responsibilities took priority). What is your passion? What makes your heart smile? What would you like to day? We all have one-day lists so let's move something from a one-day list to today (or at least to this month).

Take a deep breath. Set aside some time for yourself. Pick one and jump in. 

For me it was being an artist. Throughout my life I'd been crafty and creative, but my corporate jobs always took first priority. Only leftover energy (when I had any) was given to the artistic endeavors that made my heart smile. (Why is it that we're so often stingy with ourselves...that we're the last priority?)

It was only when I made myself take a solid chunk of vacation time that I was able to take my first steps with painting and mixed media. The scariest part is just starting...without really knowing what the outcome will be. This is super hard for the Planner inside of me. :)

Around 2am one morning I finished my first pieces. AND I couldn't believe how happy I was. They were baby steps...but they were my baby steps. It made me excited to keep working on my art, to keep learning new things, and to keep investing in my passion.

And now, for each piece of art I create, I still get that happy feeling and my heart smiles.

Dream a New Dream.

Have a Hope for the Future.

Set Aside Time for You.

Just Start.

Hope you find your dream this week.
Love, Steph 

Dream a New Dream
Plans for Your Future